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Sunday, October 10, 2010


Today is 10-10-10, so why not update a post since I've got nothing to do.
Ugh, is a memorable day to do something but yet, I done nothing. :(
Let's see, today is the Nike 10km run! And I miss it thanks to Miss Wong Shin Ying, who failed to register for us.
Do you remember you said if Shiao Ping and I ffk you, we will treat you, so you failed to register = ffk, thus you need to treat us back. I don't care *evil laugh*
Back to 10-10-10, since I failed to join Nike 10km run, let me update about the Nike volunteer job I went through on 4th and 5th Oct, which is on last week too!

 Inside the booth

View from inside of our booth, where the people suppose to queue up to get their race entry pack collections

 View from top, including Nike showcase

 View from top, particularly the booth we work at


 Angulicious Ang :)
 Before we started to play


 Group photo with all the volunteers :)
It's fun working with you guys

Back to the volunteer job, I tell you, it was fun, everyone is nice and friendly, not forgetting a troop of guys were way too hilarious, never failed to crack jokes in between dull time where there were less people came and collected their race entry pack collections.

P/s : I miss you :(

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