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Saturday, September 19, 2009

I'm crapping again

Lots of things in mind, lots of things happened, lots of views and thoughts to be shared
Just don't have the time to do it and the timing is not so correct.
when the time come, it will gone expired. So pathetic!
Seriously, trust me!
Everything just shape me to be a better person from where and how I used to be.
I learn how to be better in tackling friendship problem although I might having non-stopping because of the misconception that is created solely by others or could be how they mistaken of what kind of human being I am.

If you eagerly want to know which kind of people am I, I'm telling you right now!
(1) I only believe in the truth but not listening from others.
Example: Ok! People always make the first impression on others. And this is also happening on me sometimes. I admit that but now I'm seriously will make sure about the issue being discusses with the confrontation which sounds, "How sure of you about this?" "You witnessed it yourself?" "Are you sure that your gossip could be just blank gossip without any real fact that supporting it"?
I'm doing this because I feel that it is unfair to the "character" that so unlucky will be gossiped by some kind of idiotic BIATCH who has nothing better to do other than gossipping. Cause I believe in Karma. Whatever I'm doing, I will be asking back myself, "How will I feel if I'm the unlucky one?"

(2) I'm not a sweet talker and definitely can't melt your hearts nor make you to convince about me eventhough the fact is I'm right but you're wrong.

Example: I feels I always screw up some conversation and sounded silly or to the more serious extent, might give people's impression, I'm snobbish, boosting queen, talk more than work and etc. etc. I really admit sometimes the statements from me might sound hurtful, but trust me, I really don't have the bad intention to create havoc. This is because I don't have honey tongue or honey lip to make my words to become a pleasing one which is to please every single of human in this world. One thing, I really hate people who are not believing me and at the same time ask me for help.
So, don't ask if you never have trust and faith with me!

(3) I'm a straight-forward person(90%) <---which mum thinks is a weakness in me
Example: I talk what my mind thinks and seldom manipulate my feelings. I will say I knows if I really knows and no if I don't. I will be putting on wide smile if I'm happy and emo if I'm moody. Cause I feel it is tired and I particularly thinks that those prestige "actor" could do this kind of thing which I named them, "the awesome two-faced people". This is because they can be pretending caring you eventhough they wish you die fast fast. They can be good with you at your front but stabbing you non-stop at your back. They can tell you, "Oh!, exam is so hard. I couldn't even answer and sure score very bad one" but the fact is they know exactly from A-Z.
Isn't this people sounds scary?
Why not they just can be true? Maybe for the sake of themselves!
I don't understand and I don't think is a weakness but maybe others will not agree with me.
Many people told me in order to survice in this world, you need to be like this. Duh! I hate that statement and feeling no point to live in a sarcastic world.

(4) I'm easily believe in others. In other words, I'm "soft heart" people.
Example: Ok! I am easily forgive others although the people once and once again hurt me. I don't know why I'm like that. Maybe is suppose to be a good thing, but I think sometime it somehow rather will get me pissed off when that particular person hurt me again after I forgot and forgave about how the past that person used to treat me. Sigh! Pathetic Nky.

(5) I hate people who is contradicting with themselves.
Example: They could be so biatch CONFIRMING that other biatch is so biatch, this and that(which is making backstabbing statement) and at the next moment, you could see the biatch actually go and "hug head,hug neck" which is totally a faker and looking so BIATCH to me.

(6) I am just who I am.
Example: I am Ng Kah Yee. 5+2 makes my name become so unique that I bet you wouldn't have one like me :) I'm my daddy and mummy's good daughter. I'm not a princess. I don't claim myself a princess cause I'm tough. Not a girly girly femine type although I'm not a TB. I'm attached to someone which means I'm in a relationship. I'm a big sister to my lil sis and 2 lil bro. I love and care my family and my boyf a lot. Of cause, I have a bunch of buddy and "ji muis" which I'm treated them dearly also. This is because they are the one that will laugh together with me when I'm happy and cry together with me when I'm sad. What more could I ask for when I have so many people who treated me so good?

There are a lot about me and I don't think I might able to list all out or it could be worthless to point it out cause not everyone will actually want to know after all.

Aside from telling how the person I am, this short period of time during exam period make me realize many things also.

(1) I learn how to allocate and equal my precious time to fulfill different angle of temptation/desire and my exam. This sounds an improvement to me.

(2) I learn how to be a listener instead of confronting others.

(3) I learn not to become so stubborn in everything. Be it friendship problem nor my life matters.

(4) I learn "bor ler" Hoping I really got a "bor ler" that can guide me to the correct path.

(5) I learn and realize which is only the true but yet I learn how to forget and forgive about the bad.

(6) I learn not to be emo but instead try to cope the emoness.

(7) I learn to look further and enlarge my vision.

(8) I learn a lot from Miss Jos Kuah. She really inspired me a lot. She is an extraordinary tutor in UTAR that I've ever met so far. Miss Shanti is another nice one too!

Seems like I said I won't talk long or neither have the time to do so but I flattering a lot without me even realize. The passion to blog seems never stopping me all this while.

Just 2 more papers, I'm free. I hope that the God will all this while blessing me until the last paper of mine. And of cause, I will make sure to double my effort for the last 2 papers that I have :)

Yea, keep fighting till the end! Fighting! Fighting! (It makes me remembered the MVP Valentine)

Signing off by apologizing for the long winding post from me :p

Have a nice weekend and holiday everyone!

P/s: so You would come?

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