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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Accident happened on the 3rd day

Day 3 of study week...

Well, let's see... Aside from slacking and procrastinating a lot of my time, accident do happen!
Huh? Accident happen during study week? Yeah, you are right!
You must be wondering how come study week also happen accident ya?
Haha... maybe I am exaggerating a lot.
Well, it is just a minor accident. To be precisely, got cut from canned food=accident!

But, this ain't happen on me. But, to my housemate, Billy a.k.a Billy Bong.
The kind-hearted him trying to help me to open my favorite luncheon meat when it got stuck half way and got himself a cut!

Though it looks nothing here but tell you, omfg, the blood drip out profusely like never ending. That's scary wey! Felt so pain and so sorry cause causing his smooth hand got a cut. T.T

and, this is the killer a.k.a the murderer...

I am slacking a lot! Really proscastinating a lot! Somebody please help me! I just feel that I'm flying don't know to which country already when I read MIS!
MIS is killing me wey.. :(
Reading MIS is totally different when I'm reading my favorite OB
Duh! Still I have to keep continue and continuing...

P/s : Think I shouldn't go Genting with you guys. Sorry ya~

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EstH3R* JwεN said...

Gal,always be careful lo...^^