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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fcuk Utar

Suppose to be a happy day to welcome the first day of final examination of my Y2S1, but the shitty Utar makes my day turn from up to down!
Damn it!
I really want to fuck UTAR!
I'm flaming! Wtf!
The venue that is printed suppose to be at block E, but they changed it without informing and poor me and the others(several students)have to run from block E to the new block G.
Another wtf is that, block G is a new building and I don't even know their proper construction which make me get lost few times before I managed to reach to the place where I need to have my exam!
You imagine, exam start at 2pm but I only manage to reach there at 2.15pm only with driving+running!
Try to imagine how about others that don't have car? All they can do is just run!
Try to imagine how you will react if you were me or us?
For me, my hand shaking and my breath fastened and I can't really concentrating.
Lucky that I didnt fainted although I'm a bit shaking when I reach there!


P/s : God, please let me have my exam peacefully without all this mess! and I'm praying hard to You


axiaop said...

dun angry babe!!!cool down!!!

shirley...the lioness said...

same to me....
i enter the wrong hall too...
i came in late then u...
315pm!!!swt....waste my time walking from one room to another...
haiz....utar system....vry BAD!!!
anyway...i think it was the bad 4 me...
vry bad....i don't have enough time 2 finish due to the stupid examiner wanted to collect mine early...even he knw i cm late!!!

S h e a T e n g said...

ouhhh.. pity.. should lodge a complaint or what.. a riot maybe? hahah

Olivia said...

yea...the stupic UTAR!~!~! some of my friends also kena...the exam slip printed Block E, so they went to block E and they went into the hall at 1.45pm...then they started to choose the seats and filling in all the details required...Suddenly, the head of invigilator shout---Those accounting students pls leave the hall now--this hall only for marketing students...all of u go to block G...So...my friends ran and ran and ran to Block G,and they din know where is it and they jz know the direction....they'll so "gan cheong" during that time and they din have enough time to finish the paper..really pity them...pity u also a...gampateh !~!~