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Thursday, September 10, 2009

It is all started with a conversation

Today.... erm, let me count... it should be the 5th day of study week(I mean before 10/09/2009)
4th day of study week can't blog cause don't have internet connection due to the late paying of the bills. Wtf right?
Anyway, nothing special happens yesterday though.
But, today, 09/09/09 something really good does happen to me. You just assume this post is before 12am although is 10th now. :p
That's the reason make me so high although didn't even properly revise what I suppose to revise.
Today been sleeping+procastinating+slacking+playing+blackjack,Big2+gambling a lot wey! Somebody just help me from all of this can??
Teehee~ I won RM3 from Billy Bong a.k.a the dealer. Gonna suck off your piggy bank on 17th. Watch out ok? Haha~

Ok. I know I been going out from my title. So, let's get back to the main point.
Today the thing make me *jumping on air* because it is all started with a conversation.

Yes, Sir! I will work hard and study hard! :)

Today, I received a good new from bro. Although is a small sesame thingy, but is a good new to me and I happy upon his decision too.
I have to admit that my bro is no longer a small kid but a growning young adult that looks charming to me all the time.
You know what, although you might not see this, but I really gotta say that I feel that you have make the best decision for you as I will alway love and care you no matter what.
Although we might not know what the future might be, but I trust you can handle it.
Although it might not work out the best, but it doesn't matter as long as you brave to take up the challenges that have been assigned to you as a student.
You must alway remember that jie will always support you and love you unconditional :)

Later 1pm going to meet Miss Jos for some revision on Finance. Hopefully I can gain something from the consultation. Praying hard!

P/s : Im guilty cause I'm wasting my time a lot! God, plz bless me although I'm bad :(

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