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Monday, September 14, 2009

Mr Four-legged lizard/snake

Ok! It was really a disaster for today paper.
Once i go inside the exam hall, it's gone.
My memorizing on that SSM gone and it is so heart paining for me as I seldom easy to forget what I had memorize "kao kao" if you could understand what I mean. Haigh! Sad!
I don't wish to fail for MIS. If not, it will be another miserable journey in semester ahead me.
and now, Ok!
I make myself to forget about it and looks forward!


I should focus on the next task which is OB. I must not fooling around again! This is the promise I make for myself :p

Today : Mr Four-legged lizard/snake visit No.73 Suasa 2

Billy was the one who first spotted its existence and gave it a sign that he didn't welcome it.

But, Mr Four-legged lizard/snake didn't care about Billy and still intruding in our sweet home and hide itself behind the washing machine :(

Thus, Jason came down and try to helped Billy to chase it out from our sweet home

The end?
No one knows or witness whether Mr Four-legged lizard/snake got go out or not as Billy go out for his meal and Jason&me went for exam.
Hope Mr Four-legged lizard/snake really go out and will not stay inside and wandering around when all of us are asleep.

2nd time encountered snake thingy inside the house. Hope is the last time also. *Praying hard*

P/s : Next task=OB! Fighting! Fighting!

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