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Saturday, May 16, 2009


Today is the 4th day I've been lazying in my hometown... Lazy to do things and just watch little nyonya days and nights, nights and days, yet I'm still not done with it... After today will be slightly busier cause my time is packs with dinner. Tonight birthday dinner and tomorrow night wedding dinner. Hope I won't gain weight cause I'm dieting. Seriously! Haha~

Today wake up pretty early because already promise to have breakfast with him and his friends because his friends are leaving to KL for holiday before heading to the Genting trip.

I thinks now is the mango season for his mango trees, that's why there are alot of mango waiting to be pluck and two of us like "sor poh sor lou" excitedly pluck and pluck until we get hurt by those big red ants. Poor him. He get stinged quite a number of time but I just got once for it. It was fun. I wonder if I ever been to an orchard, the feeling is sure great for me. We plucked alot and yet there are still alot hanging on the tree. We even gave some to the aunty that passed by. The feeling is so good. And of coz, I grabbed alot of it cause I'm a mango maniac. Haha~ I love mango alot!!! The most important thing is, I enjoyed the process of plucking mango with him. (",)


ktee @ Calvin said...

sweet lo .... pluck mango ... i oso wan to join ... lol

kAhYe3 said...

lol... jom~
there are lots more