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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Coming back should be excited because finally I can meet my parent and my siblings and him. But, why is different from what I imagined? It's totally different! I hate that! Have you ever considered my feeling? Have you ever asking me how I feel? I been trying to attend to you even though I'm tired. Tired like hell! I been sleeping not more than 2 hours and I drive, when I reach home, I'm doing all the house chores and dinner with you but what's after that? Fine! You said I'm showing off my black face and letting out my temper? Am I? I'm not! I'm tired but have you ever asking me how's everything going on me? You never even a single word and blame me showing off my face to you and your friend. Wth? Why am I been blamed everytime? It's fine! Getting an sms from you is hard but seeing you sms-ing other is so easy. I thought I could received sms from you now since you are going for 3 days trip. But not even a single sms! Being an understanding gf, I know and understand that this is not what you want and of cause you should entertain your friends that are coming from faraway. I really mean it. But, have you ever just show your concern to me? An sms to me is just fine but yet I'm waited for more than 2 hours but I guess this is worthless indeed. To be precise, I don't think I stood a position in your heart and I'm won't be ur priority of cause. Never will! I don't even see myself inside your eyes anymore!


S h e a T e n g said...

Talk to him about everything. Don't hide it or give him signals. I realized that was my mistakes in previous relationship. So, open it up and discuss it with him, try to come out with solutions, :)

good luck babe, i'm here if you need me. muah. Cheer up babe.

==+ReNi3+== said...

Juz like what sheateng said..tell him everything, what you feel..this is important in a relationship.. I don't know how to tell him my feeling, thats why i always get hurt and he don't know i am bleeding. Thats why my brother says i am stupid, actually i am just avoid of quarreling bcoz he always think that he is correct~

Hu~ dun be like me, learn to voice out your feeling to him..kambateh! *hugs*