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Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Previously, I've mentioned that I want to blog about chee koon's birthday, lynette wedding dinner night and her big day on 22/05/09... So, here I come with all packed in together due to my laziness yet I want to share everything during my semester break.

16/05/09 - Chee Koon a.k.a. Seng's 22th birthday

-The present we gave him-

-Birthday boy with all the pretty hot chics!-

-Birthday boy with all the hunks-

-5 handsome hunks (",)-

-S.H.E to be?-

Seng invited us to attend for his birthday celebration dinner as usual in Szechuan Restaurant. We had great time together as like small reunion for some who managed to attend. After dinner, seems like everyone is so damn energetic and here come we have 'Truth or Dare' session in Chee Koon's house after we been chased away by Ash's grandma(supposingly we are playing at Ash's house). The night is fun with all buddies and friends together but I only managed to resist until certain time and I doze off there while they still continuing until the day come.

17/05/09 - Lynette's Wedding Dinner Night

-Tyan-Phengy-Peik Mun-Me-


The charming bride with us-

-Bridegroom & bride with all of us-



-Congratulations, my dearie!-

17/05/2009, we were invited to Lynette's wedding dinner night at Poh Loong Restaurant. Once again, I'm here to wish that you and your hubby will be loving and happy together and do remember to give birth to at least half dozen of cute babies ya. (",)

22/05/2009 - Lynette's Big Day

-Lovely couple weds on 22/05/09-

-Bride of the Day-

-Me and the charming bride-

22/05/09, Lynette's big day as she ''chut ka" on that day. I didn't managed to snap more pictures and some of the pictures above might be in bad quality because it was taken with my 2.0mp camera phone. The other reason is because I'm busy with my duties as "pun leong" a.k.a. bride's maid. 1st time experience, so not really know what to do on that day but it was a memorable experience. I'm happy to see my friends happily married to the guy whom she hearts alot. Here I wish that you guys will be "pak tou dou lou"

-Genting trip up next!-

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