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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Genting Trip at 19-21 May 09

Genting trip, here I come! I went to Genting with my dear and several of his friends. To be exact 5 couples of us. We went there on the 19th-21st May 2009. We spent our 3 days 2 nights at Genting having fun. Really fun and enjoying[it depends you been there with who :)] although I been there thousand of times since I'm at the age of 1, until now!

We been to dinner together(10 of us) on the first night at there. After that, we sort out at our own. Dear and I went for pool. After watching Snooker King, I had wanted to have a game of pool. Finally! Later, we had our supper at mamak stall at Rsc4 and we headed to casino for a walk. Really! I just walk in only and didn't gamble cause I'm a good girl!

The next day early morning, we went to Hao Mei for our breakfast. The foods there are so so only and costs us nearly RM50. Damn expensive! I will never dine in there anymore. After breakfast, we bought ourselves theme park tickets which enable us to play in indoor and outdoor. I thought myself will never go in the theme park cause I've been there quite often and yet the games are still the same. But, I did enjoy myself cause I felt that I got fully utilized the wrist band and play 'kao kao' whether at indoor or outdoor :) At night, we went to Pavilion for the Dreamz show. Nice show I should say! We enjoyed afterall! Oh ya, the night before I've mentioned I went to casino right, the second night we went in also with one of the couple and we lost 25 bucks! They won 10 bucks :)

Our last day at Genting, we went to the indoor playing machine games. Dear won me something! And it is so adorable. I love it! Thanks dear!

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