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Saturday, May 9, 2009


Finally, tears roll down...

Dad called me and asked when my last day of exam... and told me he couldn't view the picture message that I sent to him on his birthday(7/5/09) and on the phone, I could heard that mum kept asking him to ask how's my exam... How's everything so far...

Then, dad passed the phone to mum. Mum asked me not to stress myself out. Seek for friend's help if couldn't solve or understand the question. Ask me remember to eat, drink more water and pray for HIM.

Ever since 21/04/09 until now, I told myself I have to bear until 11/05/09 and I dare not to call home even though I miss them so much. The same goes with them.(I guess they don't want to stress me out) I scare I can't hold myself from my tears. And even daddy birthday falls on 07/05/09, I also didn't call and instead sent him 2 messages because I thought of maybe he can't view picture message in his phone, so there still a simple yet a meaningful texted message for him this year.

I miss them so much!!!

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axiaop said...

girl, gambateh. you will be fine. hard work make you perfect