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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Colour me Corby

Different colours represent different personality and characteristic of individuals.
( I bet that you always received zillion of forwarded mails discussing about colours associated with personality/characteristics, don't you? )

Different individuals prefer different variety of colours from white to black.
( Right? I ♥ YELLOW! How about you? ) 

Due to the span of life is short, our life must be coloured by happie colours instead of gloomy colours.
( Don't you agree with mie? )

FYI, happie colours = yellow, orange, red, pink and by all the means BRIGHT!, whereas gloomy colours = grey, black and is totally DARK!

So do Corby! Corby is Samsung’s latest offering, featuring an eye-catching, compact design available in four vibrant colours.

Yea, let's get started with the task I need to do, Errr, a blog post titled of my colourful life? What the heck?!

Hmmm*thinking hard*, about my "COLOURFUL" life?

I could say say that my life is no doubt pretty static where I am still working hard in my undergraduates studies in UTAR pursuing Bachelors of Degree in Business Administration.
The bad is the place where I study, which is a small town in Kampar, Perak! <--- Can you sense the "colourful" life of mine there?
Speaking about the small town, no doubt peace and serenity is always what you can find in Kampar but when it is too over of that, here come pathetic life!
Why so pathetic? As the saying goes,  all works but no play makes Jill a dull girl

Lucky of me, come across the nuffnang page about this "Colour me Corby" and it is undoubted enlighten me a lots!
This is because not only I have chance to participate in different games and activities, but I will get to know a lot of friends as 4 will be in a group and totals of 75 participants will be involved! Sounds cool right?
The best part is pathetic feelings absolutely zappp~ GONE!

The cool, amazing, awesome, great, fun part is you can WIN a  SAMSUNG CORBY mobile phone too promise that your group win in the 1st prize! Double cool right?

If you are slightly unfortunate in 1st runner up, you also could win up cash prize in total of  RM3000!


Sounds exciting? For all of you out there and hope to win yourself an invite to the Samsung Corby Carnival, just follow the simple steps below like what I had done:

(1)Write a blog post titled “Colour Me Corby” and share with your readers how colorful your life is (literally, or not)

(2)Take a picture of yourself themed with one of the colors of Samsung Corby.

(3)Submit your details, permalink and upload your photo at the Submit Page (http://www.nuffnang.com.my/samsungcorby/submit/)

  5+2 YELLOW

Corby, splat me with YELLOW please?
Have you corby-ied? 


kAhYe3 said...

haha..thanks anonymous, btw, plz drop comment in chinese next time ok? coz im a banana... haha~

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