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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Short MIA

Gotta be MIA for temporary...
Seriously, just for a while cause final gonna ends next Wed(16/12/09) Really FTW!
Sometime, wish to have more time for revision and yet when thinks of so much fun I will have after my final, I wish it to be end soon!
Now, Im just finish a particular chap to be covered and 2 more chaps of E-com to go wey... Hopefully done tonight!
Oh ya, I'm very grateful cause I'm not at home doing revision, if not.. I don't think I will move my ass fast!
Thanks for the tenants in 1318 that allow me to stay there and I'm feeling so much comfortable having my revision.
Love it when we chit-chatting out loud and yet we could really have a serious revision going on when we fullstop!
Oh, it feels so good cause is raining right now and the weather is so mesmerizing

Btw, if you happens to be my friend in FB, or yet to be my friends or NOT wish to be my friends, can pls cast me a "LIKE" in my photo? It is actually a contest by KLIA-LCCT's
I'm sincerely thanks for everyone that had "LIKED" my photo there and hope to have more "LIKE" from anyone haven't "LIKE" it

- This photo that I mean -

Here's the link of the photo :

♥ you guys alot

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