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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Some outdated stuffs

Today is 28th and I think they are rocking Bali hard now!
And I already stuck at home for TEN days!
Also, updating blog is a difficult task whenever I have my semester break.(though I have 24 hours WI-FI connection at home)
Perhaps, nothing deserves a proper update of this blog of mine. (but still I want to update something)
Since I will be having my vacation to Sabah this 30th Dec, I think I shall not let my blog certified!

Right after exam on 16th, I spent most of my time at Westlake 1318 because I'm too free and I thought I could help Shirley out with her Finance cause she will have her exam the following day. But, I think I did nothing. Haha~ Feels so bad cause can't help her much as memory is deteriorating.

I bet you are wondering why I'm not back right after the exam as every semester I won't fail to do that. Maybe photos below will give more hint to you. ^^

Ta daa~ My makeup artist a.ka. my ever-so-cute rommie!

My rommie is so sweet that she helps me applying eyes shadow as I'm bad at it! We took almost an hour for eyes shadow, and we had so much fun! I will be missing her when the next new semester as she won't be around at Kampar due to her internship. Here, I wish her all the best and hope she have fun interning!

DONE and camwhoring is a must!
Edwin Go said I put a lots of "bedak" and I looks fair. WTF!

4 of us and 2 of them can't be revealed :X


 Joelle babe

 Ashlee babe

this photo

I them

We had so much fun at Voodoo and that is one of the best night of clubbing for me! Speaking about the place, it is just a seafood court that lacks of leng chai la. Some even 5 years younger than us.WTF! Can you imagine that?


18th, I reached home and welcomed by Bobby. At first I'm so afraid that he will bite me.
Yet, he didn't and well, I guess I fell in with him!
I can't accept other's dog but so suprise that I don't even scare of Bobby and we clicked well too!
I so fell in with Bobby

5+2 Bobby

He is so mischiveous and hardly can take some nice photo of him and this 2 photos are also after he being grabbed by daddy!
Now, I think he is sick and I'm quite worry of him!
He vomitted what he just ate.
Tell me is this normal?
I pray that he will be fine and stay healthy. This is my very first pet and I don't wish anything bad will happen on him.


Wanted to post more but don't have mood when I turn and look at him. I really hope that he will be fine! *Praying hard*
Guess I shall start packing my stuffs now!
Will be updating soon if I do have time and of cause Internet connection at Sabah
I can't wait to meet you, my