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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Triple Suay!

Everything come so fast and when will it only stop?
Why today so suay?
The last suay, (hopefully is the last!), and the sketch below summarize it all.

In the forest, there are many kinds of species and the PIGs whose job is to do all kinds of job which is  to protect the forest and others' species.(Hell yeah, but those are just the surface. Deep inside is full of bribing) And so, there are in their operation today and managed to block the innocent species which I can said that bring no harm at all! Fine! They tried to ask for bribe and of cause the educated species won't give in their way and just let the PIGs to just fine whatever they want! BUT, the PIGs started to raise up the voice and ask for species' grandma and grandpa! WTF! Why on earth this could happenned?
Well, does justice exist? Or the PIGs are the the only one with power, that us can't do anything?

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