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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

It was raining for more than an hour, and I was sitting in front of my laptop for more than 5 hours doing nothing. Literally, nothing practical I suppose.
I don't feel good but I can't find someone to talk to. I know it was damn pathetic.
Mind keeps wandering far far away, how I wish someone can talk to me, or even understand me, but sadly there wasn't any. 
Why there will be 'tears' in this world? People said no tear, and you wouldn't know joy. To have joy, you must first have tears. But, why I don't have joy although I tears a lot? 
Alright, I shall stop complaining. I know it doesn't help anyway.
Posting a negative post will get negative comments from other, at least I know in someone's mind, perhaps. Guess people will say," Huh?! WTF! Again? Don't she just have any better post than emo-ing and blah-ing away?!" 
Ok, I got thought of stop blogging or just move to other blogspot where no one will ever get there but why should I compromise to others. Why not you all choose to go to the (red X at the top right corner) or don't even log in to www.kahyee14.blogspot.com instead of complaining what I wrote. 
Listen up, yo! I got my own freedom to write what I want as long as what I wrote is not against others or violating any rules & regulations.. and etc etc...
At this moment, I just wish to be at home, hugging my mum and surrounded by my family :(

P/s : Ignorance is pathetic! Being ignore is painful!

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