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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Penang Walk

I'm not feeling so fine, due to some personal matter, well just forgive me for the simple post of my last week visit to Penang. After all, I promised to blog about it. So, here it come...
We went to Kek Lok Si once after we had our breakfast in some random place, which I forgot the place, but I think it doesn't matter at all cause it is not the best delicacies we had so far :P

We went for the so-called best laksa in Air Hitam(marketplace down Kek Lok Si), correct me if i was wrong, ok? In my opinion, I think that the laksa is over-rated. Strictly in my opinion only! No offense, alright? Anyway, the sugarcane drink at the stall there is nice! Double thumbs up!

 Some random finger-foods

Then, I guess we went to the 'Sleeping God'. Forgive me for any wrong saying, ok? Btw, I used the word, 'I guess' cause it was already a week past's trip!

The girls
The guys

Nothing much to do at there, so we went out quite early compared when we were at Kek Lok Si. We found a rojak stall outside the temple, we bought it and we all love it :)


I've no idea why I looks so funny in the photo

I can't remembered where we went exactly after that, but I remembered we had they claimed the so-called best Ais Kacang which is located in New World Park. Because I'm not Ais Kacang's lover, thus I didn't got to taste it, but they said it was nice!

We went for the famous Cendol located, er... I have no idea where is the place, but I got the photo, luckily :P

Hope that you can find it based on the photo provided, if u want to taste the Cendol that I or should I said we all claimed is the best!

The next destination after all the food session should be Batu Feringghi. I don't swim much at there cause of phobia. Phobia of jelly fish. Yet, I still get myself into the water, luckily there wasn't any sea creatures that harmed me :P

Sixth former buddies :)
Aww~ So sweet! I'm so envy!

Btw, it was my birthday on the first day we went to Penang, thus my friends celebrated my birthday at Gurney drive. Thanks, my friend although it was a simple one :) I truly enjoy the time we spent together and is looking forward for another outing with you all :)

Thanks for the lovely present too!

That's the end of the 1st day in Penang. Guess I should randomly talk about the next day. We had breakfast at some random kopitiam, had durian near Balik Pulau, went to Queensbay Mall and last but not least, we had freaking cheap awesome seafood! Scroll down for some random photos. I'm sorry there wasn't any seafood photo provided although I did not miss to capture any seafood we had (roughly 8 dishes). Guess, Mr.Edwin miss to upload it into facebook :P

Yeay! :P

Alicia claimed she love to 'kopek' durian. Haha~

I'm loving it!

See, they looked so cool, btw, it was outside the Queensbay Mall and it is around 2pm and it was freaking sunny. I had no idea why we will take photos at there :P

So cool!

 We had seafood in Gee Seng :)

Me, after the seafood, so just don't look at my bloated stomach :(

Oh, yea, we went to Ghee Hiang too but unfortunately, all the biscuits were sold out, so we just had photo there.


All of the things, I miss Penang rojak and Char Kuey Tiao(at Kimberly street) the most! Looking forward to have it next 2 weeks as I will be back again to Penang for my society's trip






Guess that's the end of the awesome trip that I had with my friends!

P/s : Will update my belated bday celebration at A-box soon!

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