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Thursday, June 24, 2010

I hope this is not a fact, but eventually this it is

I've gone through a lot of things this few days and none of it is a good thing for me.
And if you visited my blog, you should notice there is some changes in my layout.
Yes, I don't need to do any pathetic counting anymore because I've been officially dumped less than 1 hour ago.
This also means that we are just done before the 5 years anniversary, which is still about 1 months, 2 weeks and 6 days to go.
Good thing is, Im glad Im hearing from him personally and not thinking nor guessing...
At least, he is honest to me and telling the truth rather than letting problems unsolved.
Guys... I think is hard to be trusted anymore. Promises can be flowerly, and 1 more things I had learned through this from him.

'Words can be beautiful, be sure it is true'

P/s : I really hope things will nv happenned


==+ReNi3+== said...

be strong girl..and welcome to the single club~ i juz join it last two months..lolz.. take good care of yourself ya..love u.. *hugSs*

eddie said...

girl... though i dono wats the reason behind the story.. but i do hope u will be fine.. anyway... take care ya