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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I am

so tired, so exhausted...
and today was only the first day I been to campus after my 2 weeks+ semester break ( cause I don't have class on Monday ^^ )
Time-table is ok, and I'm pretty satisfied with it.
I never thought that Ms.Ching is teaching me MA in this semester, and I never thought that she can still remember my group's assignment in foundation cause that was three years back. Gosh!
In fact, was quite worry she will be teaching me MA cause she was never a friendly lecturer/tutor that I can say but today lecture/tutor class prove I was wrong.
Anyway, just hope every subject goes smoothly and I'm able to understand and nail it! :)
By the way, many people are cursing Maxis cause of their shitty service but I just remain fine as I have been one of the loyal user of Maxis ever since I own my very first phone number.
However, every person's tolerance do have their own limit and in fact, I was quite annoyed by their poor service recently simply because I lost contact with many peoples, I can't call my mum ever since I back to Kampar! I can't call Raymond! Ugh! I wanna call him so badly and I don't know why.
Just felt that it is quite inconvenient if I can't call out. Especially if have any urgency! FMaxisL!
Oh yea, btw, Arts & Craft society is having fund raising tomorrow at block C. We will be selling some hand-made crafts, toast sardine sandwiches and red bean dessert :)
For all the Utarians, do come and support ya!

 P/s : Sick soon? I don't want!

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