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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Midgets inspired me!

Final is approaching in less than a week.
Apparently, there are indeed a lots to do but somehow rather procrastination is always there.
I know I can only depend myself to study on my own as there is no one out there is able to help me from A-Z.

Giving up will always not my style, though I might not get a good result this time, but I know as long as I give my best in it, God knows!

Just now, while I was at market having my breakfast, out of sudden voices coming out from somewhere else where I was trying hard to find the source of the noise.
The noise getting nearer and I saw there were 2 midgets there singing and performing to earn their living. One of them is on the wheelchair and handicapped. I did not captured any photo as I don't want them to feel that we were despising them and thought they were funny.

Indeed, they are brave enough to give their performance in front of crowds. Though they were not physically fit, but they never give up and live their life well and not depend on other instead by their ownself.
Their never giving up spirit inspired me that I too shouldn't give up too especially when I just come across a minor obstacles!

From them, I also learned that we must appreciate with what we had and how God creates us as a normal human being compared to the less fortunate which might born as psychically unfit person. Thus, we must love ourself more before we start to love others, if not, we are not even qualified to say that we love and care about others.

 Is time to work hard! Never give up! God, hope that you can lead my way...


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