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Sunday, January 10, 2010


don't abandon my blog. :P
I shall update soon!
Back from KK this Thursday and yet feeling so sick till now!
Cough that is never ending really make me felt tired!
Lots of things to be shared, particularly to the place that I had visited, the foods and some random stuff at KK (to be precise, the different between WM and EM)

Today is the bro's 18th birthday, thus went shopping with him in Ipoh with mummy and his gf. We had great time shopping for CNY clothes. Is awesome! He bought a lots! Seriously, a lot!
The bro is so good and kind enough to treat Bobby a packet of snack and bought him collar too! 
I also managed to grab some apparels which make me definitely satisfied and is worth of being the driver of the day. WTF!

Will do a proper update soon, perhaps!

Last but not least, here is my simple wish for him, "Good luck in everything you do and hope you have a blast and memorable one. Love you a lots, my brader!"

P/s : So effing hungry and boring now! Everyone is so busy to entertain me. FML!

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