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Thursday, June 4, 2009

This morning, feeling ain't good. Lots of worries, really a lot. Sometimes, I feel that I tense easily and worry about things before they come or happen. In other words, I like to worry things easily. This semester, I don't feel good. Many things happen even before the class actually started. Feeling homesick although just 3 days i come back here. Damn it! And feeling of missing someone is so deep until I cried. Ya, this morning, I cried and I called him so that it can make me feels better. Next, assignment group. Fed up of everyone in the class. Some are really sarcastic and irresponsible. Ok! That's the end. I won't complaining about this matters anymore. Next, car park sticker. I failed this time which makes me have to drive so far before I even reach campus and the worst part is I have to walk under the hot sun in future. Haigh! Next, don't have any mood to do anything due to so many worries or problem I currently having now. I don't like the NEXT words cause the more 'next' I got, the more problems I think I will have. Hopefully every 'next' in future will be a positive 'next' for me.

- P/s: Should I go home later? -

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