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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

S for Sunday

Sunday? Yea, went to church. Finally? Lol. This is because I promised him I will go to church. Actually, not I don't want to go but just afraid of going as I'm not a Christian. At this moment, I think I'm still a free thinker and didn't commit myself into any religion seriously I think. I hope I can find my path soon.

At Wesley church, it was fun for me although they said that normally Sunday church service will be more stringent and boring, but yet I found it nice cause I like to observe and listen to something which I'm eagerly to know such as listening how they involved christian taught into our daily life but not those sharing thingy moment. This is because I personally feel that I have nothing to share especially related to Christianity as first, I, myself not a Christian, second, I don't have any knowledge about Christianity. I still remembered is about "Generosity" that been shared by the pastor. And I remembered she did mentioned, give things that you have but not the things that you don't have. Well, do correct me if I'm wrong. And the best thing is, I realized peoples in church are so friendly. Love to see the great bonding they have towards each other and is like a second big big family after our own family members. Me likey!

On Sunday evening, dear and I went for fishing. Felt great as I love fishing now. I don't know how to describe why so sudden I'm so into fishing, but I love every sports to be precisely. People will say fishing is boring but for me it is fun. The best part is when you got fish hooked onto your rod. Sounds cruel but it is really the excitement for me so far. After all, I don't have any intention to kill also. My intention is hoping that the fish will eat my bait, I nailed it and then I threw it back into the lake. Sounds stupid but this is what I thought of. Lol.

The naive him try to help to do some CPR for the bait. Lol! Is it naive or just stupig? Well, he is just simply adorable, giving the poor bait CPR. Oh, so kind-hearted one. Lol! Me likey!

28/06/2009 @ Westlake

P/s : That's the end of my Sunday. Miss him :)

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