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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

1st WeekEND of Y2S1

Ok, I want to clean up the fungus + mushroom here which explaining why I'm in the post :P
SERIOUSLY, I told myself I will start planning on some assignments as well as tutorials but yet my butt still not moving. I been promising myself I will play until Wk1 but hell, now entering Wk2 and it is Tuesday but yet I'm still doing nothing. Blame it to the nice cancellation of classes which make me so free until I can delaying my task once and once again! Tomorrow perhaps?

Well, the purpose of this post, erm, let me think... Oh Yea, is about weekend in Wk1 of Y2S1

Headed back to TI right after the last class which approximately 5.30pm if not mistaken. Damn hell, seriously a lot of things had happened last week which are now still buzzing in my mind completely. Tell me how can I forget when I am just a simple homosaphien in this complicated yet realistic yet fake world?

Being bored in Kampar thanks to several peoples in Kampar, I headed back to TI last Thursday before the 1st week actually end. Got into the bus and let the wind just blew towards me. Blew away all the problems that I'm actually facing and cooling down myself. When I reached TI, I had sumptous buffet dinner at Poh Loong Banquet Hall. I ate a lot even though I'm full like hell. Lol. I just wanted to fully utilized my RM19++ Teehee~

*Some random photos*

-They looked busy with their foods-

-Don't you ever MESS up with me!-

-Mutton! Everyone fav except ME-

-They looked colorful and nice-

-Salad that created from ME!-
They have their own special spinach dresing. Rare one

-I just love the COLOR-

They wrote there pigeon but the chef told us is just the baby chicken. Lol~

Can you see how tiny the wing is? Seriously it looks more tinier than in the pictures. Blame it on my own poor photograhy skill

So, what's next! Headed back go Kampar on Friday which mean the following day, early morning at 8am following Saf. Oh, FYI, Saf is my new housemate now for who still haven't know about this. Hey, peeps, is my birthday! Yea, June 5th is my birthday. Well, it passed for the year 2009. Back to Kampar, seems thing haven't chilled out yet which explained the urge of going back desperately within me. Previous post I had mentioned I'm not going to explaining single bits of this and won't bother so, people, don't ever think you can watch DRAMAS here. Pissed off, fucker! Sounds rude, but who cares? Is my post. Leave here right now if you don't feel comfortable or you think is you, who are bringing problems to me!

Before got back to my nest a.k.a my sweet home, I met with a car accident. I want to make some clarification here. Previously, I posted my babe's photos there with those fugly scars and fractures that my babe suffered without mentioning anything. I wanted to make things clear here. Widened up your eyes and look carefully! Is ME who got crashed by people. To be precise, an OLD UNCLE. Not me, crashing others. Phew~ *Felt satisfied after this clarification*

Night, had dinner with family. He is here too. Happy! Oh yea, that morning I received 2 special birthday wishes via sms. Is from mum and dad. FYI, they rarely know how to use the phone, so what you expected? Sms wishes? But I had by both of them! Thanks mum and dad! I felt touched. Back to story, after dinner, we chilled out at my house surfing net before we went to badminton. 10pm til 12pm, we had our game. I don't really enjoyed the game blame those fucker moron idiot peoples. Don't think too much. I'm just somewhat emo-ing at that time due to some personal emotion feeling. Friends, sorry that night I been emo-ing. Luckily you all are the sweetest angels and always be there for me, that's what I call F.R.I.E.N.D.

*Some random photos taken at the badminton court*

-People playing there, he was busy talking here!-

Next, after game at 12am, we went yum cha at McDonald's. Thanks peeps for spending valuable time celebrating my birthday although it was 6th June 09 that moment. Sin Tze said special. Lol~ Touched and appreciated it!!!

*Random photos in McDonald's*

My 2009 birthday cake. I got chocolate ice-cream cake. My fav!

-I laughed!-

-Dear with me-

-I'm officially 22!-

Saturday, had our lunch at Old Town @ Giant. Oh yea, I met with a fucker Uncle which I thinks he do not deserved to obtained his car license as he don't know the rule of parking. Seriously, I'm damn pissed off when I stared at him so sharp and he just ignored me. WTF! I believe in Karma, Uncle~ After lunch, we went to Kyan's house to do some cooking and dessert. We had Dory fillet and soya agar-agar. Too bad I don't have photos taken down! Of cause not missing the opportunity with Le-le. We are both scare of each others (I guess I scare of him the most. Shhh!!) and the next moment, we become buddy. Teehee~

*Random photos of Le-le*

Nah, chee koon, we are budy~
-Le-le is happie posing with me-

-He is just so adorable-

Sunday, went to The Store 'ta-kei' with them. At night, shopping at Giant with family. Had fun hanging out with family. This is what I called bonding. (",) Supper, having lok-lok with them also. Listened many stories from them especially regarding KeanTat. Lol~ Back to home at 11pm as I need to drove back to Kampar at 6am the following day. Back home straight went to bed after done everything!

That's the end of my weekend! Wuahahahah~ And I'm going back too this Friday, my friends! Can't wait to be back again. T.G.I.F again! I love FRIDAY~


==+ReNi3+== said...

its nice being at home and see you celebrate your bday happily..take care o! *hugs*

kAhYe3 said...

thankz renie.... u also take care ya.. *hugs*