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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Weekend with him @ Ipoh

Yesterday dear come to find me all the way from TI. Lol! I know it is just so close but yet I like exaggerating about it. Well, this is because he come here just for the sake of giving me more companion since he will be leaving Perak soon and continue with his studies in UMS, Sabah. He reached 9am++ and we had breakfast at Kampar market.

After we done, we back to home and the first thing we do was searching for tickets for Transformer 2. To our disappointment, the tickets are all either sold out of just left those left-out space which is in so front of the screen. So, what we thought was maybe we could have it tomorrow but still the left-over space is just so unfavorable to us. Sigh!

But, yesterday was our lucky day cause we managed to get ourself into the movie although is was fully-booked. All thanks to Kong. He spare me 2 tickets which enable us for the movie. I think this is the last time we will have movie together before I go over to KK this Dec or either when he come back to Perak next Feb.

-Transformer 2:Fallen of the revenge-

After movie, we walk around and we decided to head to Ipoh's most famous Lou Wong Bean Sprouts Chicken(Nga Choi Kai). For me, the delicacies there is just ok-ok as I prefer my hometown Ko Kei hor fun more. But, nevertheless, this place normally packed with peoples at night.

Can I have more donuts? Feeling regret didn't think of buying some donuts home as I thought it could be not nice if not eaten asap after buying it. And now, I'm craving for it. Help! Somebody if you just go to Ipoh, please help me to get it.

-Our donut-

P/s : Can't write long already. He is nagging to use!

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