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Monday, February 23, 2009

TheStar's Interview?

Hey, UTAR calling me again! It was like, what I owe them? Proposals? Minutes? Sometimes, get frustrated when I got call from UTAR cause they gave me endless "trouble". But this time, around 5.18pm, while I am doing my assignments with my friends, I got called from UTAR... and I was like thinking, should I received that call? To my suprised, Miss Serena is on the line and she is telling me that TheStar want to interview me. Interview?! What is that all about? I'm getting shocked and at the same time, excited to hear that. After further questions and her's explanation, I get a more clearer picture on what is moving on. She said that TheStar actually wants to interview students that worked for UTAR. Yeah, I did do that in my last semester. I worked as Student Assistant in ICTC but the things that make me puzzled a while is like, I really don't know what I've gained from there cause my jobs are, to sit at there waiting for the students to get the laptop and projector, helping the officer-in-duty if they need helps, "kap luiz and chaiz", chat with the officer-in-duty and read Kak's Lina novel. Is that contributed to the benefits I've gained for working there as there might be this similar question from them.

P/s: I'm not very sure whether they will really did an interview on us as you can imagine, "Who carez about this?"

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