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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Same people, not same life

Mummy just go back...... and I only can see her after 2 weeks time. Hope that the day come faster than usual as I miss her and home so much. I miss daddy and my siblings also. I hopes that they are doing fine in everything. If can, I really don't want mummy to go back and I want her to stay with me 24 hours but I know I can't be so selfish. Inside my mind, just one thing. Going back home when the day come.

Tight schedules starts from tomorrow. Monday-Friday, I have to study for 3 midterms(OHR, BLAW, BACII) by hooks or by crooks because next Saturday I have OHR and BLAW's midterms while the BACII's midterm is on the following Monday. Meanwhile, assignments also have to be follow up as there are 3 unfinished assignments(OHR, BLAW, BACII) and the due date is 6/3/09.

The progress of this assignments if according by rating, OHR done 40%, BLAW 1%(cause I count at least reading and knowing what the questions want, we did something) and BACII-0%(I don't even know what they want!!! - I hate accounts)

Can you imagine why I suffer so much? Why I so worry about everything and seems no one going to worry if the things haven't done

This proves that same people, not same life according to those old chinese

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