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Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Early morning wake up at 8am not because of what I want, but by forcing cause I have class at 9.30am.

Haigh... Today is 18th. When 6th March 09 will come? 16 days to go and it is freaking slow!!!

Why the days in February ends fast as everyday is important as I need to rush assignments, prepare for mid-terms(4 to go, this Sat, 1mid-term, next Sat, 2 mid-term, after that Mond, 1 mid-term) etc... BUT yet is hard to end this misery February.

As usual, being pampered by mummy and daddy a lot, I'm homesick again. If possible, I really want to go back as soon as possible. But I can't do that. I can't go back as long as there is still a lots of heavy burden that had not been done and completed.

I really miss daddy, mummy, sister and brothers. I really want to know what's happening at home. Lil bro tell me that he's working now and I was like, "WTH, you no need study meh?" and he replied me, "bu yao gei zi ji ya li, man man lai" Oh my god! I just want him to know that working doesn't matter as long as you didn't neglected your studies. Like or don't like, we also need to complete our SPM. Didn't have guts to ask mummy about that cause I don't want her to think so much and fruss about that...

I'm really HOMESICK!!!

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