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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Im so unlucky T.T

I wish to CRY out loud but Im too weak, and no strength.

Why does this happen to me?

LAW, for sure I will fail cause I even didn't manage to do ALL the questions given because I left out the things I supposed to read about. The marks is 40 for 2 questions. I didn't do 1 whole question which means I lost 20marks. Remaining 20 marks is impossible to grab it all because I don't know how to do in the correct way! Why?!

(Lacks of studying LAW and because of stupidity=Ignorance of the IMPORTANT cases)

OHR - After I get into the exam hall, I found out my hp missing and I went out before papers distributed so that I can find my hp. To my disgrace, I couldn't found it and I just rushed back to exam hall. Inside the exam hall, after the papers distributed, and I requested to the invigilator to let me out to search for my hp because I remembered I went to the ladies before that(She is the nicest lady I ever met). And once again, Im disappointed because there is no sign of any dropped hp in the ladies. Thus, this leads to bad concentration while doing the OHR paper. Missing hp=Lost concentration in OHR.

The questions is not hard and to be frankly it is the easiest I've saw in my entire life and I hope I can score high marks since I will fail my LAW.

Does miracle once again exist?

P/s : Regarding my hp, I found out at the floor in an OPEN area!! Thanks god, I've found you! and luckily today there are not many students in that block D, if not.... I surely will CRY OUT LOUD!!!

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