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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

How silly I was!

"Reading lines by lines and expecting to see your name inside, and when every single one is mentioned without fails but not you, that's the end of the post"

Ok, my babe, Ashlee just help me to sentence out what is inside my mind recently without me even telling her how I felt, and yeah, she is alway, as usual, simply understand me and no one ever beat her when it comes to this matter. How I wish he could understand me even better, but if he does, i doubt of the existence of this post.

Yeah, I'm a quite sensitive person and when it comes to own feeling, I never held back and when every conversation of me and my bestie, I'm dropping my tears as whatever from her, is a truth that I've known it but yet I'm telling myself previously that I might be thinking too much. How silly I was! 

You will never understand how envy I was when I came across other's fb to see that their wall post, photo comment are filled with comments that are so lovey dovey or yet a simple concern msg. But, what have I got so far? Yeah, NONE! Don't be surprised, even a stranger might knock on my wall and leave me comments but what have I got from him ever since I got my fb account? I'm sounded like I'm hungered for comments, but I'm not! Don't judge me if you don't ever get your head into my situation!

She told me what will you get in the end? Hoping for a change? How if it impossible? If possible, how long it takes? And by that times, you lost all your youth...

Conclusion, I'm dumb, moron, idiot and I know that, I'll always be!


S h e a T e n g said...

All the best babe~ Hopefully he will treasure and treat u better. :))) if possible love u like how he loves jesus.

LiOneSs ShiRleY said...

dear dear....no worries...everything will be fine ya...knw hw u feel...u mst b feeling bad about everything huh...and...I love u ah.... =)