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Thursday, April 1, 2010


1st of April also known as April Fool's day. So, how's your day? Been fooled around or fooling around? 
I have a great time too with my family and all the四大天王.
I ran and I sweated a lots! Feels so good! At least, I did some exercise. Is like finally! Haha~
Maybe I don't have a companion for running and I felt that Bobby is my good companion for sure. 
If you are hooking on FB frequently, you might spot that my latest status concerning whether Bobby could survive with the presence of King de GS. To my surprise, Bobby is so damn brave and mess over with King without fear. Haha~
Poor King being bullied by my Bobby. Perhaps, in few more months, when King grow bigger and turn into adult GS, then Bobby might need to worry already.
Anyway, I just love to see them play with each other and they are just so good and nice, especially King cause he don't bite me. Lol! But, is hard to tell in future :(

-King de GS-

King is 3 months old by the way ^^

Indeed, I have a great time today with the 四大天王!  Let's me present the four 四大天王 to you all!!!

Handsome #1 a.k.a. my ♥ 

Handsome #2 

Handsome #3

Handsome #4

P/s : Clash of Titans soon! ^^

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