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Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Final coming soon, not exactly one month time for me to do my revision. FML!
Kinda started to worry again, emo feeling once approaching again and I don't know why I don't feel good at all.
Maybe I haven't start anything, that's why I have this feeling.
Furthermore, I'm addicting again to FB poker lo. FML max! As you know, you don't play is nth, but once you play, you will get addicted. Haigh~
Hmmm, the terrible thing is there are so many things/activities that are so tempted me and if I don't arrange my time well, I'm so gonna screw my final.
Well, well.... I hope I can handle everything perfectly well.
Yesterday went jogging with some of my friends and it feels so good although i walk more than I jog, and I hope that we can continuously with our jogging every evening or else, I must be teased by them. Haha^^
Actually, I plan to jog because I felt that I eat more and more without any exercising, so it is good to have jogging evey evening or else I scare my friends and family won't recognize me after 1 month. :P
One more thing that I felt so proud of myself is, "TOMORROW I'M CYCLING TO CAMPUS" hahaha~
Oh, I felt so excited lor, forgive for my sampat-ness and I'm excited because I never cycle to campus for classes so, yea, tomorrow is the day.
Saturday, Ipoh outing confirmed. I think I don't even been to Ipoh with my friends for this semester and I bet we gonna have fun with the cute lil Michelle a.k.a. Jason's dear. ahaha~
24th gonna be back to hometown again cause of Ashlee babe's bday party. Hmmm~ I know that is on study week, so I must study now to compensate for that day or else I will feel guilty partying even when final is around the corner.

Ok, signing off now! Notes, here I am!

P/s : Wish me luck in Final yea~ ^^

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mika said...

why always mention a.k.a leh~
thx god that one not me XD