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Wednesday, March 31, 2010


My blog is so dead recently.
Yes, I'm free but is hard to get me updating my blog nor post some photos of current events.
I have tonnes of photos but seriously, I'm so lazy to upload, not only in blog but in FB as well.
Photos of vacation in KK, CNY'10, UMS'10, bobby's collection and lots lots.... Hmmmm~
Right now, I'm just waiting for my 4pm class and head back to TI after the class finish at 6pm.
Don't be surprise as you saw me back to Kampar on Monday and now you're hearing me back AGAIN to TI! Haha~ What to do, I just have classes from Mond-Wed ONLY!
Supposingly, I had planned to go Penang for TAO's hunting but due to some health reason, I need to get my ass back to TI.
If not, I scared my mummy will be over worried if she hadn't saw me ASAP!
Btw, if you're following me on FB, you will see that in my wall post statused that I'm worried and I hope for speedy recovering! Thanks for everyone's concern!
But, doc said I need 4-5 weeks times to recover.(Actually, is not about the breathing difficulty prob that I consulted with doc but yet is another thing which I don't feel to highlight here)
Cause is quite embarass lo~ HAHA ^^
Really glad that I have all my aunts & grandma, my sista and my dear Shirley to accompany me to doc!
Feels so touch!!! and my babe Ashlee for listening me when I'm so freaked out (you better just keep to yourself and don't tease me again!)
I think I need a nap now before my class or else I might be fishing later! Will try to update frequently and post more proper post with tonnes of photos(er, hope so)

P/s : Anybody just date me for some short vacation puh-lezz!


mika said...

dear~u will be fine de
take care ya =D

kAhYe3 said...

thanks ah dear...