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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Story about HER

Truth are hard to be found but
yet easy to be revealed

Truth? What is truth?
I just discovered one big weakness with me; which is too easy to believe in others which I related them as my friends, buddy or whatsoever terms you might want to give to someone you thought that are your real friends.
Haigh? Why this world is just full of these type of sarcastic homosaphien? Why this world is so cruel and why the facts is just so heart-paining?
Why when this young lady try to capture things positively in this beautiful world believing everything is indeed beautiful and out of sudden, is just like all vanished. All! All gone!
It is just so cruel. I pity her living in this world. World of emptiness.
But, she considered herself lucky enough to have her dearest family, her dearest man, her dearest ashlee, "ji muis' and buddies that are always be her side no matter what. And her dearest rommie and housemates of cause!
She needs to grow up. She is taught to be aware of people but she thinks that world is not all about this. World is about love and no matter what, she will be persistent enough to prove that she is right one day! People might laugh and tease about her regarding on her naive-ness but she don't give a damn care. All she need is courage, faith and support from someone that is real for her.
Dear God, I pray that you will lead her to a correct path and show her what is correct and grant her wisdom to differentiate what is the real in this world.

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