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Thursday, July 23, 2009

-4 top things that I hate-
I used to hate:
(1)Ppl who lie me
(2)Ppl who betray me
(3)Ppl who backstab me
(4)Ppl who give excuses

Angry! Disappointed! Frustrated!
What's more?
That's my feeling towards you right now!
You can't blame me for being so mad, but would you just look at yourself and realize what you have done that make me feel so upset?
You asked me to help you, but you are the one not only not helping yourself but holding me from helping you.
I'm being freaking boring to hear excuses anymore! "Do" or "Do not". That's it!

P/s: This post does not have any bad intention to disgrace others. What's in the content might not be what as you perceived.

P/s : Please ignore me from being freaking emo

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Olivia said...

take care!~!~!~