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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Fcuking miss Home

I got a feeling of going back home so desperately.
Hmm, although is near, but yet I can't
I can't put everything aside and run back.
How I wish I can do that like others.
Perhaps, I'm sick of being caged in Kampar for so long.
I want freedom! I miss my family also.. :( and at the same time, I want to go shopping!
Shop for Konad, shop for apparels, shop for shoes, shop for EVERYTHING that can make me happy!
I felt so stress recently, a lot of thinking and questions in my mind.
But yet, sometime, I choose to escape which explained why I can sleep anytime that I want.
So unhealthy!
Everything by hook or by crook must be done before 7/8/09 so which mean I have roughly weeks plus to get things done and going back to my lovely home!
Can you imagine just a weeks plus to get 2 tough assignments done?
Oh, ya! There's still a midterm on 1/8/09! I'm gonna die!
I'm don't know how to separate myself for that cause seriously I don't want to screw for my midterm.
God, bless me please! Please bless me with wisdom and strength like how you gave me last semester!

P/s : Yasmin Ahmad died, but I bet is nothing great compared to MJ cause not much people knows about her.


EstH3R* JwεN said...

Calm down gal...I get more of stuffs than u in this week...2 mid term tesss, 1 quiz, 1 presentation, 1 report and 1 assignment...i oso havent die yet..how come u...
hehe..cheers up together ok..coz i believe that there is always a rainbow there after the rain..=)

shirley...the lioness said...

same here...
hope cn go bck home too!!
last nite mum called me!!
felt to cried!
luckily nope!!
cope with this girl...
you cn do it!!!
as wt u always remain me!!