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Saturday, July 11, 2009

And it is so random again

It's Saturday and it is time for me to sit back and relax.
How I hope so but I couldn't cause I got Marketing mid-term next Monday and tonne of assignments waiting to be done.
Oh, and the last minutes for COU as I'm not the secretary of COU anymore. Phew~ So glad.
I just nailed down 1 mid-term yesterday. 50 MCQs of MIS and is not that hard, well, we see how it will turn up to be. *pass will do for me*
Recently, hook up into cooking. Well, I always love cooking but the fact is I just know some simple dishes while I think I should learn more, maybe from mummy :)
and at Kampar here, I do cook instead of eating outside as I feel boring about those same food that I have been consuming since 2 years ago.
Planning to study early in the morning failed badly as I haven't touch any of my notes yet. Teehee~ Anywhere, I still got my night. I'm happy as the Singapora drama, 'Table of Glory' is available in Youtube. Finally, I can watch it. Oppss, new discovery=new disaster! Don't want to get addicted into drama or else, I can watch 24 hours :)
One more thing, I'm slowly get used to my life here without him. I am force to, if not, end up, it will be more suffering for me. We do hang up in phone but sometime just the timing not so correct, I should say. When I've nothing to do, he don't call but when I found something to do, that's the time he call. Haha! He said he miss my cooking. Well, I do miss seeing you enjoying my cooking :P
Lastly, I want to @#%#^^%&%#$#$@$#%&*()(*&^$#@$#$#%$%$^%&%#$!$^%&^*&*^&^%#$%^%^6*^^^^&%$%$%$%%%%$%$%$%#*&^&#$@@#!(*(*&%^%^$%@$!#$@$@$@$@$#$#$#%%$%$^$^#$%@#!#!#!#@#@$@$#$#$#%$^%&^*^*%^&%^#%@$@$#$%^$^%&^%&^*^&*&(*&)(&*%^#$@#!#@$#^%&^*&(*&(^&*%&$
Phew! All negative things throw out! So satisfied. Well, get used to my way to bitch about people and to voice out my unhappiness that stuff inside me :P

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