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Friday, March 12, 2010

Ranting again

I'm blogging now!
Yea, but doesn't mean I'm free now!
Tomorrow's the last mid-term and I don't have the strength to study, I don't know why.
I can sense tomorrow paper will be a disaster for me. I know I won't get good results for it too but I won't give up.

A lots of things happen recently, which is quite bothering for some of my housemate and me.
Maybe I'm the cause of all this trouble that had brought up, and I really don't understand why certain people can't just understand on others, put themself on other's shoes and thinks on behalf others as well.
Haigh, I just know that I have to keep silent and accept every M-16 that have shot towards me.

I had the most toughest time in this Wed that requires me and my groupmate to redo the whole assignment. YES, is from A-Z. You must have thought that I have the fussiest tutor and indeed he is! I miss going home on Wednesday and resulting me working all the day until the next morning Thursday at 9am and eventually I straight drove back to home. Is an awful day! Nevertheless, going home could make me forget about the stress that is never-ending for awhile and it helps when there are family and your cute pup beside you. And I miss them now!

I just dislike Kampar cause I feel so stress at Kampar facing assignments! Total of 4 assignments to be submitted on next week Friday and the last midterm for tomorrow! FOL kao kao!

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