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Friday, April 3, 2009


So sudden, the feeling come... and once again, I'm HOMESICK.

At this time, past week and past 2 weeks, I will be at home helping mum to serve dinner and then will enjoy drama until 10.30pm and chit-chatting of cause but I think I can only do that on 11th May onwards :(

Dear God, please give me STRENGTH! Give me strength to overcome every negative feeling and be positive to strive forward


==+ReNi3+== said...

KahYee..be strong o..i also miss my home..i din go home for two weeks d..i will only go home on May..but i already get use to it. Coz i usually go home during long school holidays..huhu..we be strong together la! hehe..

kAhYe3 said...

thankz xiao ying... i cant go into ur blog la.... :)

==+ReNi3+== said...
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==+ReNi3+== said...

hehe..coz it need permission ma..nvm..i invite you..hehe.. BTW..what is your email add?

kAhYe3 said...