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Friday, April 10, 2009

Believe it or NOT

Treat anyone the way you wanted to be treated as like you reap what you sow.
So, if you do good, of cause you will be just doing fine but if you aren't you will have your own "repay"

I've seen so much of unfair things happen around me and I admitted sometime at one particular moment, I contributed to the bad things as well but at least I admit and I know where is the limit but to some certain of peoples, they don't and yet they are not admitting it. Shame on you!

Purpose of this blog is that I feel that the world is unfair, full of bias and perception. People will 'by' you when you are pretty/handsome, trendy, knowledgeable and most of all got 人缘. Or in another way round, you will be boycotted if you don't have any element of that. Well, sometime, the only and one reason you been boycotted because is in your forehead stated that please boycott me! Believe or not you have to accept it! That's simply represent someone or anyone out there but I don't think this/these people deserves to be boycotted. Really! I am fully sympathize on you. Is not fake and I know how's your feeling. Just bear with it if you think you are the one I am mentioning. Hey people, remember there's KARMA. I do believe that! How about you?

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