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Monday, August 9, 2010

Self-avoiding is the correct choice!

A damn sickening and emo post should be that is best describe my feeling right now!
Pls avoid this post if you feel that is not appropriate for you, and I will not be responsible for anything that could make you feel not good after this.

Self-hurting is the only thing that make me felt hurt, so hurt! Saw something which is aching is what I've done and I'm sorry to you! Sorry for doing that, but I just couldn't help myself! I hope you can really stand on my point of view and can ever understand my feeling. I didn't blame you but I just felt ache, hurt and pain on what I had saw and what's the replies that you have gave to me! It is just so painful and it is only on my side as I never blame anything on you! But, the replies that you gave me started to let me wonder, "Am I really that sickening?" "Am I really that fucking annoying?" As it I already feel the ultimate pain, hurt and ache, and yet you were not understanding, and started to put on anger in replying me.

Ya, you don't even have any anger on me, not even a minute! Ok, I have got it! That's the most painful replies I have got from you and I remember that and I won't fucking bother your life anymore! You are now just like a total stranger to me for myself not believing you will ever treat me like that, but you did! OK! I HAVE GOT IT!

I truly believe below statement, which is the world won't stop for my grief. So, any friends that are going to scold me and pissed off but  I want to let you all know, I truly understand that. Pls don't be cruel to me and making me feel bad by words now as I am really feel bad on myself as well for right now! Pls have mercy on me!

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