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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Lazy bum bum

I am so unwilling to start packing my stuffs... tonnes of clothes that I brought it back since last 2 weeks and hoping for entertainment to ring my phone, but sadly, guess today is Sunday, which simply means family night as well.
Ugh, lazy as usual. Hmmm, well, just hope can stay forever in my house cause it is the sweetest and best ever place I could ask for :)
Balloting my cars later at 12am also make me can't go to sleep either and nothing to do. FML!
One word, SIEN!
Or perhaps I should use this time to start packing, 2 hours should be just fine, I think.
Btw, did you notice I'm crapping to my ownself?
Maybe keboringan yang melampau result to that. WTF!

Nah, current me, still the SAME =.=
But, fat-er, rounder, more chubbier

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