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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Happie, happie ^^

Blogging is never become a habit of mine recently.
But, still, I'm going to blog to express, share or crap whatever, yea, WHATEVER that I want!
Let's recap back during study week and final exam.
Study week was still normal, nothing much just most of the time spent my time on the notes and books.
Oh yea, I got myself a spectacles and a LOMO.
I need to wear spectacles from now onwards. FML!

Random vain pichas of mine with my new spectacles :P

and this is my baby @ barbie LOMO. I'm not joking and this is a REAL lomo! Many people laughed when they saw it. They thought is a toy. FML!

Next, as you all already knew that I'm now having a short semester break after my final, approximately 2 weeks plus and it's been a week already. Hmmmm~

Raymond gave me a failed surprise. But anyway, I'm glad that he made an effort to come and spent time with me before he go for training at Sarawak. Right after exam end, we went to Ipoh as usual with Jason and Kyan.Watched IronMan2. Not as good as others commented, I guess.

The following day, after everything was done, headed back to TI. Glad to be at home and I remembered it was Wednesday and if I was not mistaken, I only got to hangout with my friends the following day. Been to "char kuey tiao" @ Sg.Nibong with my friends and after CKT, went to visit Hayley. Hayley is so effing cute lor! I wish she is mine! Ngek ngek~

Hello everyone, I'm Hayley ^^

 Baby Hayley with me

Early morning on Friday, went to KL with Raymond. Purpose to KL? Spent more time with him and food hunting purposes. Too bad, I didn't have the chance for Subway :(
Went for Shutter Island with Ashlee and Adam Loo. I also didn't know about the movie's existence if not Ashlee asked me out for it. The movie was quite interesting yet physco-ed. I'm so afraid I will cuckoo after the movie. WTF!

I don't even have the chance to get my ass stick to the sofa cause right after I'm back to TI on last Saturday, I had late Mother's day celebration dinner at Poh Loong seafood restaurant with my paternal family. I bonding session with all my relatives, especially with all my cousins.

 Paternal grandma, maternal grandma and my dearest mummy

 Cousin Annie a.k.a Camwhore Queen :P

 Some   random pichas of us

During dinner, my "gu ma" knew that she strike lottery after got the lottery result. Everyone was happy too cause "gu ma" will treat us breakfast and dinner the following day. We had dim sum for breakfast and again seafood feast for dinner. Crabs and "frog" for consecutively 3 days!!! One word, AWESOME!

This Tuesday, went to Tg. Tualang with family just for the sake of seafood. Is neiter lunch nor dinner, as we had our seafood feast at 4pm. Dad purposely close the shop earlier and drove us all the way to Tg. Tualang for seafood! AWESOME!

Here's the place for all the awesome food!
 Mummy was so excited, hee~

Didn't manage to capture every food that were served as I were to busy nomming. Only the prawn and the hand-made chilli sauce. Well, at least the prawn and the prawn is the main purpose of us went all the way to Tg. Tualang. They serve the best and fresh prawn ever!

Finally, after all the food session, I can spend some time with Bobby, my baby boy. He is as usual, mischiveous, like to bite everything that he can reach. Anyone can suggest how to stop this bad habit?

I still got 10 days holiday. Anyone got any activity don't forget to invite me yea, deal?
I'm going to Genting tomorrow with my dearest family Can't wait for that! Wee~

P/s : Getting worried about my result! Hope I can pass all my papers! Pray hard!


ktee @ Calvin said...

omg, i think i'm invisible, thatz y u didnt saw me during ur trip to kl, so sad .....

kAhYe3 said...

y say so.. takkan i nak list out what i've eaten, how much, with who.. ish...just randomly only ma.. haha.. dun sad la...u r forever the best tour guide, food introducer and best driver :)