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Friday, May 11, 2012

Tong Pak Fu @ Empire Gallery

Since I've got approximately half and hour before I off from work, I thought of to update some dessert gluttoning I did last week with my colleague-in-crime!
My lovely colleague, Irene

We went to Empire Gallery for some dessert because I was goddamn full that day, so why not some 'lighter' stuff for dinner? Thus, 'Tong Pak Fu' was just right!
I've heard of it for some time but just not bother to check it out as I've never heard people hoo-haah about it, unless those like Chatime or even Snowflake! Perhaps, now the hitz is for bubble tea?

Ok! Shall review what we actually had!

Grass jelly with chilled mango sago creme and pomelo

Tracka durian snow ice

Glutinous rice balls with black sesame & peanut toppings

Mango napoleon with vanilla ice-cream

Of all of it, tracka durian snow ice is the best! Not to say the rest is bad, but I personally that! Idk why because mango is suppose to be my all-time-favorite but now, that durianish dessert has its position in my heart :) By the way, all of the dessert we ordered is with the thumb-up! Thus, everything is great!

When we were having our uber yummy dessert, we saw a pair of friend next two table of us having a bowl of dessert sharing, and we just felt that we were so sinful, for swallowing all in our tummy! And nothing left! Nevertheless, we were happy though because I can't resist such uber yummy dessert! I don't know how about Irene. But, can you? :)

P/s : I thought of updating my dental related stuff into blog previously, but decided not to do so, because it is wasting time to remind and to screw the fcuking dentists who gotten me into so much of misery! I lost so much this time, but I know I'll eventually gain back, maybe more than I lost next time! =)



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ef.ae said...

all the desserts do look sinfully yummy! irresistible i must say! i'm looking forward to try the mango napoleon and the glutinous rice balls! *slurp* ^^