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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Life is NOT fair

This few days addict to sing! Therefore, youtubing a lot for better musics, better covers that done by so many talented human across the globe! In fact, I can't imagine if this world without music, without rhytm, how would it be? Dull, silent and dead! A dead world!

To my surprise, I come out with a conclusion that is, 'life is fair!' To the extent, life is fcukingly awesome fair! Below Youtube says it all! Imagine, she did a crap, but she can garnered fcuking 23 million views and become feature video in Youtube. 

That is double of viewers compared below Jayesslee's cover, which only garnered 12 million viewers! This pair of twin did great covers, and I'm madly in love with their music! So jelly of them, great voice, pretty face and life is not fair lah.  Why god make them so perfect huh? Must be past life did a lot of good things! WTF~

Thus, don't ever say life is NOT fair!

Peeps, Happy Wednesday!!!

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