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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My Valentine's day

Just a short update on previous Valentine's day that is so happen to be the CNY 1st day!
I got mine celebrated too with a simple Sushi King meal with my beloved.
I got a gift too from him but unfortunately I don't have anything to give him.
Feeling so bad cause I couldn't give him what I want to give him at first. Sigh~

Aww~ Isn't this so romantic?
Blue color thingy when it is switch on, with the wordings by him

This has become my profile picture cause I think I somehow looks slightly slimmer there :P

 I requested him to fill in something that I think is missing.
Guess what is that?

 Ta daa~ Done! I ♥ it, thanks Dear!


and flipping...
This Valentine's day thanks to the CNY, if not I don't think we will be able to celebrate it together after 2 years didn't celebrated it.
Although it is simple, but it is more than enough for me.
I hope we will able to celebrate it as years come by...


S h e a T e n g said...

Nice lor...jealous lor...

==+ReNi3+== said...

sweet~!! i love the present! this year i celebrate my valentine alone..coz he go bck to his home town d..no present for him coz i noe he wont prepare any present for me..lol..